Alexander Ferrario: Care Killed The Cat (Gif 17 of 17)

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Tree Swallows by Stephen Davies
  • me: *does weird things when home alone*
  • me: I bet there's hidden cameras
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how are 11 year olds in relationships and kissing and stuff when i cant even talk to the check out lady at target without stuttering

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benzo - teen suicide

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5 years ago today I married this man. It seems like it was literally yesterday. In the 6 years that I’ve known him, he’s loved me more, challenged me more, inspired and encouraged me more, been there for me and laughed with me and cried with me more than anyone ever has or would. He’s had patience through my impatience and strength though my weakness. He understands me so fully and loves me so wholly. And on top of all that he gave me our beautiful and perfect baby Lucy who is our Heaven on earth and a perfect symbol of love. Watching him be a father to her has been breathtaking. I am truly blessed beyond measure. Here’s to the rest of our lives @maxbemis 💕 (photo by the talented @chrisphelps)


dating me means dating my anxiety and my random spouts of depression it means dating my panic attacks at 11pm or 2 am or 5am or anytime of the day for that matter it means dating my mood swings where i get really upset over everything about me and all my insecurities and how i’m not good enough because i’m never good enough

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